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Everyone deserves a bright future, the reason why we work hard to make sure this is fulfilled for children in alternative care and care leavers.

Care Leavers Advocacy Program (CLAP)

We lobby/advocate for policies, programs, resources and practices towards children in alternative care and care-leavers. Researches and publications in alternative care also fall into this program.

This affords children in alternative care and care-leavers the chance to develop their lives through the pursuit of education (academic and non-academic) and skills (soft and hard) acquisition and exposure. Acquisition of important documentations like birth certificates, national identification, passport, court orders etc falls under this program.

Education and Skills Program (ESKIP)

Empowerment and Employment Program (EMEP)

This aims at making sure that children in alternative care and care-leavers build different capacities which will help them in acquiring employment or start their own business. It further supports both children and care-leavers to access employment and empowerment opportunities inside the country and outside, also being offered by public and or private sector.

GEP deals with the issues and plights that faces the two sexes of boys and girls and males and females. Different activities and trainings and engagements will be made to address the realities that will be facing the mentioned categories. Trainings and or exposure camps or conferences in sexual reproductive health and rights, gender based violence, health and mental health, relationships building and maintenance and psychosocial support etc.

Gender Program (GEP)